Frequently Asked Questions


It is possible to get the discount in case of longer rental periods.
The minimum rental period is 14 days.
A unit can be rented out on the day of your visit at the Customer Services Office or at any other convenient time. It is also possible to sign the contract via e-mail.
An agreement can be terminated anytime. The notice period is 14 days.
All formalities can be completed via e-mail.
For the client’s convenience, the agreement is concluded indefinitely. Therefore, it is not necessary to extend it. The notice period is 14 days. A notice can be submitted personally or sent to the e-mail address of the branch.


Rental periods starting in the course of the month are charged proportionately to the number of rental days.
Payments are made every month. The payment term is 7 days from the invoice issue date.
In case of problems, we remind our clients about overdue payments.
Yes, we handle most payment cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard, Maestro. The online payment service provider is Blue Media S.A.


Our units are of different heights, depending on the location, ranging from 2.05 to 3 m. Specific data are available at each location.
There are no shelves or hooks in the units, but it is possible to rent or buy suitable racks.
We guarantee in the winter season temperatures above 5 deg C in storage space at all locations.
Access to power sockets is possible at some locations after consulting the Manager of the particular KANGU Self Storage facility.
Running water and toilets are accessible at our storage facilities.
Of course, please visit one of our Customer Services Offices located at our storage facilities.
We do not have such units.

Unit contents

After completing the debt collection process, the contents of unpaid units are disposed of.
It is prohibited to store living organisms, perishables, flammable objects, as well as property which is illegal and/or poses a risk to its surroundings.
Of course. Our facilities feature shops with packing materials. You can read about our products and services on our website, in the Store tab.
Certainly. After signing the agreement, the customer receives an individual unit access card. They can bring property to the unit at the most convenient time. Unit access is unlimited.
Our storage facilities are suitable for storing important documents. Both temperature and humidity are kept at the optimum levels.
Our terms and conditions allow storage of non-perishable foods after obtaining consent of the relevant KANGU Self Storage manager.
You can certainly store a drum kit in out units, unfortunately, practising would not be possible.
Yes, the fuel tank should be emptied beforehand.
Our storage facilities are safe and monitored, so you can certainly store valuable items. We also offer an individual insurance policy which can be taken out at the office.


Depending on the location, unit access is secured with an individual access card to the storage unit with a padlock or a personal access code.
To each concluded contract, we provide one access card. Any additional access card involves additional charge. We can offer several access cards. The customer decides who may have access to their storage unit.
Yes, if you gave such a person authorization in the contract.
We do not provide such a service. Footage is recorded at the site of the storage facility.
Depending on the location, we use several fire-protection means, from extinguishers, to smoke detectors, fire hydrants, fire doors, phone alerts, to sprayer systems.
Our facilities are insured against third-party liability. We also offer an individual insurance policy for property stored by our customers.
You can use your own padlock or buy one from our store.


After signing the contract the customer obtains individual access to their storage unit. You can bring your goods on your own or hire a transport company.
We cooperate with several transport companies. Detailed information can be provided by our consultants.
There are unobstructed driveways at each facility. At the facility, goods can be transported directly from the street or by using a ramp. There are transport trolleys available to our customers free of charge.

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