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Kangu Self Storage

About Kangu

Since 2011, Kangu Self Storage has specialised in renting storage space for individual customers and companies. Our self-service storage facilities have accomodated everything, from furniture to electronic equipment, documents and boxes of sundries

We could not have developed so considerably without the continuous trust of our customers. Each one of our customers can count on assistance and comprehensive service - our good reviews and recommendations are proof of our commitment. However, we engage not only in commercial activities. For years, we have been keenly supporting charity events across the country. Get to know our team better and make use of our range of services.

Kangu’s history

  • 2018 opening of the Warszawa Mokotów Branch
  • 2016 opening of the Warszawa Ursynów Branch
  • 2015 opening of the Szczecin Branch
  • 2013 opening of the Wrocław Branch
  • 2011 opening of the Poznań Branch

Our branches

Ewa Mleczek District Manager Poznań

Ewa MleczekDistrict Manager

Bartłomiej Wierzbicki District Manager Poznań

Bartłomiej WierzbickiDistrict Manager

Warszawa Mokotów
Małgorzata Kondej District Manager Poznań

Małgorzata KondejDistrict Manager

Warszawa Ursynów
Hanna Liakh District Manager Poznań

Hanna LiakhDistrict Manager

Dorota Nowacka District Manager Poznań

Dorota NowackaDistrict Manager

We actively support

Wspieramy fundację liga super bohaterów


We let our space

Wspieramy fundację liga super bohaterów

Fundacja Fundusz Współprcy

We let our space

Wspieramy fundację liga super bohaterów

Liga Super Bohaterów

We let our space

Wspieramy fundację motoryzacja dzieciom

Motoryzacja Dzieciom

We let our space

Wspieramy fundację mam marzenie

New Poznań ZOO

We adopted a kangaroo, Lilii, at the New ZOO in Poznań

Wspieramy fundację mam marzenie

Szlachetna Paczka
(The Noble Gift Social Scheme)

We let our space for marketing materials.